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Welcome to Valet Auto Glass

We understand the hassle of scheduling repairs, taking off work and waiting for hours while your vehicle is repaired! Our goal is to save you time and money, while taking care of your auto glass repair needs, at your convenience. We currently service the entire DFW metroplex and surrounding areas within 24 hours! 

You will speak to an experienced technician directly, rather than an answering service or office assistant. They will schedule a time that works best for you, at a place most convenient to you. 

We service windshields in public parking garages, parking lots, personal homes, car lots, auto body shops, etc. There is no place our technicians won't go! You need not be present during the repair, should you choose. We also accept most requests for washing/detailing services, dependent upon each location's accommodations.  

As our technicians are continuously in transit, we only offer valet services. There is no additional or built-in charges for our valet service. We 100% guarantee all of our installations at no charge back to you. We accept cash, credit card, insurance check and cashier's check. Information on all services offered is listed below.


Valet Auto Glass Repair. Saving you time and money.

Free Same Day Estimates

We offer free same day estimates for chip repair, total replacement, vehicle detailing, etc. We provide services to individual clients, auto body repair shops, and car lots.

Valet Auto Glass Repair

A valet repair service person will come to a location of your choosing (ideal for those at work, home, traveling, etc.). A technician will arrange a meeting point and time that best accommodates your schedule. There is no additional charge for valet service. 

Inside Detailing

Inside dashboard and console detailing is available for a low additional cost, upon request. Special requests for washing, etc. can be made, if there are appropriate accommodations at the specified location, at an additional cost. 


What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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DFW METROPLEX and Surrounding Areas

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